This blog got started to provide an accurate English translation of the censored chapters from the English version of Two Hundred Years Together by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Another English version exists which contains pieced-together summaries of the censored chapters. However, as the author states, it contains more of him than Solzhenitsyn in some parts.

Various Alt-Right podcasts such as Doc. Illusion’s, Rebel Yell, and The Daily Shoah brought this book to David’s attention. These shows’ hosts expressed interest in this work and the difficulty with obtaining an English copy of the publication. The discussion piqued David’s curiosity to say the least.

David and Davina Davison discussed beginning this project in October 2016 and started setting aside time two months later for the task. Davina, a native French speaker, translated the text into English. Then, David, a native English speaker, proofread her work to the best of his ability. For this translation, she used two versions of the French translation in EPUB and PDF.

We acknowledge our version serves only as a bridge between the information contained in the original Russian publication until someone makes a proper translation from Russian to English. Our plans involve releasing one chapter per week until we finish all the censored ones. In the event this blog gets banned, check torrent trackers for the completed work.

If others enjoy our efforts, we might make more accurate translations of the uncensored English chapters, record audio books of the French and English versions, and print physical copies with hand-drawn original art for the chapter headings. We don’t plan on charging any money to access this material, and view this job as a way to give back some of the great artistic content that we consume every week to the community at large.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello. Can you perhaps share info as to when you expect future chapters (after chapter 15) to be published?


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